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Auchan, BioMar and Earthworm have joined forces to develop a new product line that sets a new standard for responsible shrimp.
Auchan, BioMar and Earthworm have joined forces to develop a new product line that sets a new standard for responsible shrimp.
News Dec 18, 2023

Responsible sourcing: Auchan, BioMar and Earthworm Foundation join forces in a unique collaboration to launch new sustainable shrimp product

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The French retailer Auchan, feed manufacturer BioMar, Ecuadorian shrimp farmer Edpacif, and global NGO Earthworm Foundation have joined forces to develop a new product line that sets a new standard for responsible shrimp.

"Our customers are asking for more responsible seafood. We need commitment from the entire value chain to ensure we can provide it. This is the whole purpose of our collaboration with Earthworm Foundation," said Olivier Vandebeulque, Auchan Seafood Manager.

Henrik Aarestrup, Vice President at BioMar, was the first to be contacted by Earthworm: “During the project, we utilised our sustainability impact assessment tool (BioSustain LCA) to minimise the carbon footprint of the shrimp feed through meticulous recipe optimisation. We replaced fish oil with microalgae and sourced 100% of the marine protein from high-quality trimmings,” said Aarestrup.

In a first for BioMar, the project also saw BioMar's team of sustainability consultants introduce recommendations to shrimp producer Edpacif on how to reduce the carbon footprint of the farming process.

BioMar Blue Impact feed being prepared to be distributed to the shrimps at the Edpacif farm.

Auchan is, therefore, testing a new way to commercialise shrimp products. Vandebeulque explains: "We decided to also sell trays with only the headless shrimp. This innovation has two benefits: the carbon footprint associated with product transport is reduced by 40%, and the shrimp heads are processed and reused locally in Ecuador for animal feed, further increasing circularity in the production."

"Equally important is that none of the ingredients used in the shrimp feed come from deforested or even tropical areas", added Aarestrup. Shrimp feeds can contain up to 50% soy, so responsible sourcing of this key ingredient is crucial to achieving good environmental outcomes.

New product line in Auchan stores. The Mr.Goodfish label will soon be displayed on the tag.

“A responsible shrimp also needs to consider social sustainability,” explains Earthworm Ocean Program Manager Florie Loth. "In Ecuador, our shrimp-related activities focus on capacity-building initiatives to drive social change. While the project helped enhance access to stable employment for the local community, Earthworm teams also worked with Edpacif to improve working conditions and provide better housing for workers."

Marcelo Velez, Edpacif S.A. President, said: "We are grateful to Auchan, Earthworm and BioMar for the opportunity to work together on this important project, along with our partner Eurotrade Fish. The project allows us to strengthen our ESG commitments and improve our practices while delivering an ethical product of the highest quality.”

The new product line will be granted the Mr. Goodfish label. Launched in March 2010 in France by Nausicaá, National Sea Center, the Mr.Goodfish program aims to raise awareness of responsible seafood consumption. The program covers three pillars: responsible feed, optimal farming conditions for animal welfare, and environmental impact.

As part of the project, Mr. Goodfish and Earthworm partnered to add a social pillar to the specifications for the Ecuadorian shrimp.

“We believe the project is raising the bar for shrimp products," said Loth. "Our hope is that it will inspire others to adopt more sustainable practices – practices that help preserve biodiversity and protect human rights.”

The new product line is now available in French Auchan hypermarkets.

About Earthworm Foundation

Earthworm Foundation is an impact-driven non-profit that partners with businesses, civil society, communities and governments to reduce the impact of raw materials on people and the planet. Our supply chain, social and environmental experts work across five continents to improve conditions for people, forests and soils impacted by the production of cocoa, packaging, palm oil, soy, rubber and more. We focus on implementing responsible sourcing commitments in supply chains and innovating practical solutions to social and environmental challenges across sourcing landscapes. Our work on seafood helps our partners to develop sustainable policies, source fish from sustainably managed stocks, implement best aquaculture practices, and improve transparency in the supply chain.

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Media contact: Raphaël Fiorese, Communications Manager – Europe |

About Auchan

Multi-format and phygital retailer, Auchan brings together all food retail formats from physical (hypermarkets, proximity and ultra-proximity) to digital (drives, home delivery, click&collect) to provide its customers with a pleasant shopping experience and a unique, fair, and responsible product offer. To make their lives easier, the company puts customers at the heart of all its orientations: accessible prices, choice and diversity of products, and quality of service. A responsible economic player, Auchan supports agriculture and the agri-food industry by acting as closely as possible to its established territories through the 57,570 employees of its 687 points of sale. In 2022, Auchan recorded more than 340 million visits to its stores and e-commerce sites.

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Media contact: Nathalie Mora, Media Relations Manager |

About Biomar

BioMar are innovators in high performance aquaculture feed dedicated to doing our part in creating a healthy and sustainable global aquaculture industry. BioMar operates 17 feed factories globally in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, China, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Australia. Worldwide, we supply feed to around 90 countries for more than 45 species. BioMar is wholly owned by the Danish industrial group Schouw & Co, which is listed on the NASDAQ, Copenhagen.

Learn more about BioMar at

Media contact: Henrik Aarestrup, VP LatAm, Shrimp & Hatchery |

About Edpacif

Nestled on the Equatorial line in a pristine environment, Edpacif stands as a pioneering force in the European seafood market, distinguished by its unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and producing high-quality products. Edpacif's strategic location enhances its dedication to environmental preservation and responsible sourcing. The company has embraced its unique surroundings and developed cutting-edge technology to ensure product safety, traceability, and the fulfilment of socially responsible practices. This commitment, coupled with a bespoke approach to technology, helps Edpacif move forward daily towards ethical seafood processing, resonating with consumers who prioritize environmental sustainability and top-tier product quality assurance.

Specialising in seafood distribution for 40 years, Eurotrade Fish is one of the most important actors in the European Vannamei shrimp market, focusing on Latin American origins.

Media contact: Marcelo Velez, President | and Cecilia Bongiorno, President |

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