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We work with people from farm to boardroom to build value chains that work for people and nature.

We work with people from farm to boardroom to build value chains that work for people and nature.

What we work towards

Focusing our vision for harmony and equilibrium where it matters the most.

When the organisation first started out, our mission was to protect forests. Quickly, our work expanded outside forest boundaries into agriculture, human rights, etc. We realised that understanding the interdependence between people, climate and habitats, is the only way to build lasting solutions. Earthworm Foundation’s mission has now evolved to work on value chains where we can positively impact these six focus areas below.

Healthy forests

Forests that provide materials, livelihood and life

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Teeming oceans

Sustainable fisheries for a living blue planet

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Living soils

Putting nature back into agriculture

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Thriving communities

Communities thriving through development

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Respected workers

Value chains free from exploitation

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Resilient farmers

Healthy farms, prosperous farmers

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How we do it

We are an impact-driven organisation that works with partners all along value chains to drive change, break down barriers and build solutions. Our strategy is supported by 3 pillars:


Every day we work with companies across a range of industries to instill responsible practices. Our member companies set ambitious goals and lead the transition to responsible business.


We convene interdisciplinary experts and entrepreneurs to co-design solutions that overcome barriers to building responsible value chains.

Chain reaction

We share our successes and stories to inspire a wider audience and ignite chain reactions that enable solutions to go to scale.

Our solutions

As we dive into the issues, we encounter barriers in our work to transform value chains. To overcome these obstacles, we work with diverse stakeholders to co-design solutions in the form of programmes and ventures.


Our programmes are Earthworm in-house solutions, which we consider pillars for transformation. Having already brought significant success through these programmes, we continually seek new partners to expand their impact all along value chains.


We constantly ask ourselves how to accelerate change, increase impact and beat the clock on the many issues we aim to tackle. Ventures are innovative ideas we want to fast track through an incubation process of collaborative design, crowd funding and direct testing. The results are robust solutions that break down barriers to sustainable business and can be adopted at scale both financially and organisationally.

Map your Impact
Independent monitoring by local people
Tools for Transformation (T4T)
Empowering change on the ground

Value chains we work through

Commodity value chains are where we see the most opportunity for change. We believe our approach is not specific to any one industry and we are always keen to explore new opportunities.


Living Soils, Santerre, France

The Living Soils Initiative, launched in January 2018 aims to accelerate the adoption of conservation agriculture practices by farmers

Rurality, Son My, Vietnam

Rurality is working with farmers to boost resilience in Nestlé's pulp and paper supply chain.

Rurality, Soubré, Ivory Coast

Rurality is working with Nestlé and other stakeholders to transform farmers' lives in Soubré.