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Leading to Impact

Join Earthworm Foundation CEO Bastien Sachet as he takes an inside look at leaders in responsible sourcing, learning about what drives them and their ideas to regenerate our world.

Leading to Impact

Join Earthworm Foundation CEO Bastien Sachet as he takes an inside look at leaders in responsible sourcing, learning about what drives them and their ideas to regenerate our world.

Episode 9 - Scott Poynton

Scott Poynton is a forester and the founder of Earthworm Foundation (formerly known as The Forest Trust/TFT), an author and is currently the founder (& Chief Inspiration Officer) of the Pond Foundation and A Different Way. With decades of experience working in seriously challenging contexts, at the frontier of major change processes, what ideas and experiences have led Scott on this journey to champion responsible sourcing? Watch to learn more.

Other episodes from the series

Episode 8 - Watch Saskia Ozinga, the founder and CEO of FERN, and a board member at Earthworm Foundation. ‘The economic growth concept is destroying the planet’, shares Saskia. Watch to learn more about Saskia and the decisions that aid her on her journey towards sustainability as she shares her motivations to start the NGO FERN, an EU-based organisation dedicated to protecting forests and the rights of people who depend on them, her thoughts on the EU regulation on deforestation, land rights, and more.

Episode 7 - Watch Marco Gonçalves, Chief Procurement and Hazelnut Company Officer at Ferrero, as he talks about his journey as a 15-year-old from Brazil, eventually making his way to Luxembourg. Marco talks about the different perspectives of responsible sourcing, how this impacts Fererro’s business and how sustainability is an extension of quality for both him and the company. Marco goes on to talk about some endemic challenges in value chains, the importance of understanding root causes, and how “value chains are living organisms."

Episode 6 - Watch Dr Pascal Boivin (Professor, HEC-SO Geneva), Professor of Soil Science chat with Earthworm’s CEO Bastien Sachet – as he recounts how his passion for soil science developed and how that passion has now enabled him to bring his expert knowledge around soil science towards producing key research on the topic, as well as educating a diversity of people – from business professionals, students, farmers – all with the aim of regenerating the health of soils. Soil erosion is as big an issue as climate change, have a listen to Dr Pascal’s chat and learn the opportunities that exist to generate change at scale.

Episode 5 - Watch David Croft, Global Director for Sustainability, Environment and Human Rights at Reckitt (known for its brands: Durex, and Dettol) chat with Earthworm's CEO Bastien Sachet - as he shares where his passion for the field of environment and sustainability stemmed from and why he feels placing people at the centre is the key driver to preventing climate change, ecosystem regeneration and achieving sustainability. David also shares how as a brand, Durex is pioneering driving change in the natural rubber industry and more.

Episode 4 - Watch Hallvard Bremnes, Global Head of Sustainability at Givaudan, chat with Earthworm's CEO Bastien Sachet - as he shares his expert insights on how to accelerate transformation across value chains, his strategic views on the use of natural raw materials at a time when some may argue against it, and advice for those who want to venture into sustainability and more.

Episode 3 - Watch Etelle Higonnet, Senior Advisor at the National Wildlife Federation chat with Bastien Sachet about her journey towards being an environmental and human rights expert, what is holding activists back in this critical time, the need to instil the spirit of radical collaboration, on agroforestry in the cocoa industry and more.

Episode 2 - Watch Philippe Chave, Co-CEO of the PX Group chat with Earthworm's CEO, Bastien Sachet about how his values help PX Precinox SA and its efforts toward improving the conditions of Artisanal and Small-Scale Miners (ASM) across their supply chains. Learn more about his views on the value of partnerships and more.

Episode 1 - Watch Will Gardiner chat with Earthworm's CEO, Bastien Sachet about his journey to becoming a CEO, his vision for Drax Group, and share insights on managing forest ecosystems and the opportunities and challenges of the biomass industry.

Series Intro - Who are the leaders in responsible sourcing? What drives their decision-making? How do they pioneer new solutions and tackle environmental and social challenges? Leading to Impact - a #ThoughtLeadership video series by Earthworm Foundation, hosted by its CEO, Bastien Sachet.

What is the Leading to Impact Series About?

"We live in an extremely polarised world where people, ideas, and organisations are quickly judged and either passionately loved or hated. As if the world has turned black and white and lost all its nuances. Nuances can be found in the subtle differences in our views or to hold space that allows us to hear each other through the innate power of conversations.

When we see the world as only black and white – this breeds idealised solutions rooted in all forms of extremism, populism and totalitarianism. These idealised solutions we seemingly resonate with do not drive regeneration or move the needle on creating real change. We, human beings live in a paradox. (Eg: the same person demonstrating against climate change might take a plane tomorrow to go on a holiday.) In short, the regeneration journey starts with ourselves, individuals.

At Earthworm, we live between two worlds: we work with people in companies and people in NGOs. With CEOs of large corporations and with farmers. With agricultural businesses leaders and communities. The bottom line, they rely on each other. In the end, it is their voice, carrying their decisions, motivated by their values, that makes a difference in our world. And that is leadership.

Leading to Impact is a video series that aims to share the voice of those leaders. We want to share what their journey looks like. Their challenges, struggles and aspirations, so they can inspire you, or others, to speak up and act. We hope you’ll like it."

- Bastien SACHET, CEO, Earthworm Foundation and host of Leading to Impact.