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Supply chains that regenerate the world

Supply chains that regenerate the world

Who we are

We are an impact-driven global non-profit working on the ground to create scalable solutions for nature and people to thrive. In the field, we create, test, and scale new ways of production and doing business.

What we do

Working with businesses committed to change, present in some of Earth’s most critical ecosystems, we create solutions with companies, farmers, NGOs, and governments to serve people and regenerate nature.

Our Work

Join us

The products we consume impact our world, often leading to exploitation and destruction. If we can change the way they are made, we can change the world.

Join us on this journey together – be it as a member, client, investor, partner or employee – we are always open to hearing from you.

Earthworm's Landscapes Approach Impact Report 2022 - learn about our successes, challenges, and the path ahead.

News & Stories

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