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Cultivating life in value chains

Cultivating life in value chains

Why Earthworm exists

Earthworm Foundation (formerly known as The Forest Trust) has 20 years of experience in finding solutions to the major social and environmental problems that our world is facing today. That was just the start.

Our vision is for future generations to not simply survive, but to thrive. We want to build a world where the balance between people and the environment, value and profit, people’s beliefs and actions is maintained and where human, natural and capital resources become a force for good. For that, we must change and heal the nature of our relationships, ensuring we respect each other and the very elements that allow us to live.

Where we focus our efforts

We work where value chains impact people and nature the most but also where we can most impact value chains. It is in changing sourcing and production practices that we see the potential to positively affect our world’s climate, habitats and people.


Forests, Oceans, Soils

We work to preserve these ecosystems because our future depends on their life-sustaining functions.


Communities, Workers, Farmers

While we work with individuals all along value chains, we focus on empowering those that are most affected by industry’s negative trends – The people that care for our lands and produce our everyday needs


Ultimately all of our work is aimed at preserving the climate that allows life on Earth to thrive.

Who we are

The earthworm is an agent of life, of cycles. It works between layers of the biosphere to take dead matter and turn it into rich living soils full of opportunities.

We are a non-profit organisation driven by the desire to positively impact the relationship between people and nature.

We work between corporates and civil society, between forests, farms and boardrooms, between buyers and suppliers to identify challenges, process them and create impactful solutions.

Above all, we work with people. It is people that drive supply chains and hold the power for change where all can thrive.

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