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Supply chains that regenerate the world

Supply chains that regenerate the world

Leading to Impact

Join Earthworm CEO Bastien Sachet as he speaks to leaders in global supply chains, activists, scientists and more in a new Earthworm Foundation video series exploring those Leading to Impact.

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Why Earthworm exists

To regenerate our world. The products we consume impact our world, often leading to exploitation and destruction. If we can change the way they are made, we can change the world.

What we do

Working with businesses committed to change, present in some of Earth’s most critical ecosystems, we create solutions with companies, farmers, NGOs, and governments to serve people and regenerate nature.

Nestlé's Global Head of Responsible Sourcing discusses how Earthworm helped them develop and act on the first NDPE commitment of the Palm Oil industry.

We work with key stakeholders in Aceh Tamiang to help farmers improve sustainable development practices and reduce deforestation.

Grupo Palmas is the largest palm oil producer in Peru. Watch CEO Renzo Balareso speak about the work they've been doing with Earthworm Foundation since 2015.

Who we are

We are an impact-driven global non-profit working on the ground to create scalable solutions for nature and people to thrive. In the field, we create, test, and scale new ways of production and doing business.

A new study reveals multiple dimensions of Impact by Earthworm's Centre of Social Excellence (CSE) Africa.

Join the Earthworm journey

We are always open to hearing from potential new members or clients, interested investors or partners, and those who just want to learn more. Get in touch!

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