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CSE Brazil organises best-in-class guidance and training for professionals from multiple sectors.

CSE Brazil organises best-in-class guidance and training for professionals from multiple sectors.

Centre of Social Excellence (CSE) Brazil

Agricultural development, forestry and extractive industry projects in Brazil have brought about changes in land tenure and use which have provoked or heightened social conflicts that have serious consequences for farmers, communities, indigenous people, traditional communities, and companies.

CSE Brazil seeks to improve the capacity of diverse stakeholders to prevent and resolve social conflict by bringing them together to learn best practices for stakeholder consultation, consent, and mediation in dynamic collaborative courses.

Key activities

CSE Brazil is organising best-in-class guidance and training for professionals from multiple sectors on specific methods, including Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC).

The CSE programme in Brazil began in 2018 with a short training course in the pulp and paper sector focused on key aspects of good relationships between companies and local communities.

Short courses

In 2019, CSE Brazil will organise additional ‘Short Courses’ and launch a 10-month CSE ‘Long Course’ for early-career professionals who have or seek employment in a range of agricultural and natural resource sectors and industries.

These courses aim to significantly increase the number of well-trained social practitioners in Brazil who can shape social programmes in companies and fundamentally change company-community relations in supply chains.


CSE Brazil has trained 60 managers from the Brazilian pulp and paper company sector on constructive community engagement.
To guide the development of CSE Brazil, in April 2018 TFT Brazil team convened a multi-stakeholder CSE Brazil advisory council. The council identified the need for the kind of capacity building for companies and stakeholders offered by CSE Brazil.

Collaborating members

Members make far-reaching commitments to respect people and nature in their supply chains. They work with us on an ongoing journey of improvement and innovation.

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