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Member since November 2013


Global confectioner Ferrero uses around 200,000 tonnes of palm oil each year, sourced from suppliers in countries such as Malaysia, Papua New Guinea or Indonesia. The company became an Earthworm Foundation member in November 2013 and launched its palm oil charter at the same time.

Hazelnuts are a characteristic ingredient in Ferrero products and the company’s success and origins are based on this raw material. In November 2019 Ferrero began working with us on its responsible sourcing programme for hazelnuts.

Our Work

Palm Oil
Ferrero has used 100% sustainable RSPO-certified as segregated palm oil in all their products since January 2015 and became one of the first global companies to achieve this. Earthworm Foundation is working with Ferrero to develop further approaches to drive the company’s efforts in the area of sustainable palm oil, going even further beyond certification.

After field assessments in Turkey and Italy, we brought together over 30 key Ferrero staff for a one-day workshop to socialise our findings and jointly start to evolve Ferrero’s Hazelnut Responsible Sourcing Approach. In November 2019, we began refining the approach, as well as creating our joint action plan to embark on practical work on the ground to bring all suppliers into meeting the very best standards for environmental and social practices across Turkey.

2019-2020 Ferrero Annual Report

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