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Member since: November 2013 Commodities: Hazelnuts, Kelapa sawit


Member since: November 2013

Commodities: Hazelnuts, Kelapa sawit


Global confectioner Ferrero became an Earthworm Foundation member in November 2013 and simultaneously launched its Palm Oil Charter. Ferrero sources palm oil from supplier in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Guatemala.

Hazelnuts are a characteristic ingredient in Ferrero products, and the company's success and origins are based on this raw material. In November 2019, Ferrero began working with us on its responsible sourcing programme for hazelnuts. In 2020, Ferrero and Earthworm joined forces to develop the first Hazelnut Charter, officially released in January 2021. It is a key public document which reaffirms Ferrero's commitment to responsibly sourced hazelnuts.

News & Media

12 Nov 2013

Ferrero becomes TFT member and pushes further on palm oil

Pencapaian Penting

Key impacts

Ferrero has reached 99% of verified deforestation free on their palm oil segregated supply chain thanks to the collection of data by Ferrero and to the commitment and close engagement with the suppliers
Through the Labour Transformation Programme (LTP) and Ethical Recruitment Due Diligence (ERDD), numerous workers from a third-party supplier, have gained increased awareness of their rights, a clearer understanding of the company's grievance mechanism and whistle-blowing policy, and access to refurbished housing
Through support for the Southern Central Forest Spine (SCFS) in Peninsular Malaysia, the human- elephant coexistence program covered 1,500 hectares in 2022, enhancing the ecological value of the ecosystem

Kelapa sawit

Palm oil is a highly versatile and inexpensive vegetable oil used in many consumer goods products. It is also an extremely efficient crop, producing as much as 10 times per hectare as other vegetable oils. But its role as a major driver of economic growth is also associated with the loss of tropical forest habitats.

In 2015, Ferrero became one of the first companies to source 100% sustainable RSPO-certified segregated palm oil in all their products. They use satellite monitoring to safeguard forests within their palm oil supply chain, actively support Earthworm´s landscape initiatives and work closely with suppliers to promote direct transformation in workers' rights.

3 Feb 2021

Ferrero has committed to using the Starling satellite monitoring and verification service across all of its palm oil sourcing areas

22 Jun 2017

Starling satellite service launches after successful pilots with Ferrero and Nestlé


Hazelnuts are a vital ingredient in numerous products. Our work in hazelnuts focuses on sustainability, ethical practices, and environmental protection to ensure the economic benefits without compromising natural habitats.

In 2019, we began working with Ferrero on its hazelnut value chain, visiting farmers in Turkey and Italy to understand issues and opportunities on the ground. In 2021 and 2022, Ferrero and Earthworm launched the community development approach to incubate and test innovative solutions with farmers and local communities in collaboration with the FFV programme (Ferrero Farming Values). The goal is to develop a community-based model for preventing child labour in Turkey's Hazelnut supply chain.

21 Jan 2021

Working towards a hazelnut industry that creates value for all

7 Apr 2020

Partnership to create positive impact in Ferrero's hazelnuts supply chain