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A touch of flavour with an impact

A touch of flavour with an impact

Flavours and Fragrances

Trees, grasses, fruits and flowers from around the world – such as bergamot, vetiver or ylang-ylang – feed the flavours and fragrances industry.

These raw materials enhance the taste, touch and smell of our food, beverages, perfumes, toiletries, cosmetics and household products. They are grown in a variety of scales and landscapes, ranging from large farms to a multitude of smallholder farmers.

Despite small trade volumes compared to other commodities, the industry has a considerable impact on forests, farmers, soil and workers. This impact is slated to increase given rising demand from the food processing, personal care and consumer products industry.


The global flavour and fragrance market is forecast to grow about 4.2 percent annually from 2017 to 2022.
Although flavours and fragrances account for between 1 and 5 percent of a finished product’s cost, subtleties in taste and smell can dictate consumer choices.
In 2017, the global flavour and fragrance market was worth about USD 28 million.

Our Work

Since 2017, we have been working with industry-giant Givaudan to implement their Responsible Sourcing Policy, a first for this sector. In support of their responsible sourcing goals, we have mapped their supply chain – which spans Brazil, China, Egypt, Guatemala, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaysia and Paraguay. This has facilitated identification of priority areas in their supply chain, which serves as a compass to direct transformative efforts.

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