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Member since: June 2017 Commodities: Palm oil


Member since: June 2017

Commodities: Palm oil


Givaudan is the world’s leading flavours and fragrance company, with customers spanning the food, beverages, consumer products and fine fragrance sectors.

In partnership with Earthworm Foundation, Givaudan developed its palm oil position statement in December 2020. Following this, they released their Responsible Sourcing Policy in April 2021 and, through this, developed their Sourcing4Good Program, which aims to install projects within the company's supply chains to source materials in a way that protects people and the environment by 2030.

Givaudan collaborates with industry experts and stakeholders to influence change through co-investment in local transformation projects on the ground of their own key sourcing areas. These include landscape programmes led by Earthworm Foundation.

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Nov 15, 2023

Collective Engagement in Palm Oil Derivatives

Key Milestones

Key impacts

Monitoring deforestation and improving farmer’s livelihoods through 4 of Earthworm's cross-commodity, multi-stakeholder landscapes that Givaudan is part of in Indonesia and Malaysia (Sabah, SCFS, Riau, Aceh)
Improved health and safety conditions for apple farmers in China after a field assessment from Earthworm Foundation in 2018

Palm oil

Palm oil is a highly versatile and inexpensive vegetable oil used in many consumer goods products. It is also an extremely efficient crop, producing as much as 10 times per hectare as other vegetable oils. But its role as a major driver of economic growth is also associated with the loss of tropical forest habitats.

Since 2017, Earthworm has supported Givaudan in catalysing change reactions through various raw material supply chains, from turpentine to apples. Each raw material has unique challenges and opportunities, allowing creativity and innovation to occur in different spaces at different scales. Today, our main work is around their palm oil derivatives supply chain.