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Small steps can create bigger change
Small steps can create bigger change
News Oct 31, 2017

Spreading hope about improving workers' rights

As of January 2019, The Forest Trust has become Earthworm Foundation.

A chocolate bar, a cookie, shower gel, washing powder, even the shirt on your back. These, along with many other things can have links to child and forced labour. Most people know about these problems, but they seem far away, something they can do little about. We want to share hope with the work we have done to provide drinking water and mattresses to 4,500 palm oil workers in Guatemala. To ensure migrant workers have their passports returned in a palm oil mill in Malaysia. And to provide social security and medical insurance for women in a stone factory in India. Our CEO, Bastien Sachet explains more in the video below.

These are small steps, but small steps for bigger changes to inspire businesses, brands, institutions and governments, even your neighbour, to bring change to a bigger scale. Our aim is to make sure every worker in the supply chains we touch benefits from our drive to transform things for the better. Rather than checking and auditing, we believe solutions come from engaging, collaborating and supporting all players.

We work to identify the reality and find the solutions to it. Of course, there is a huge amount of work to do to improve workers’ rights around the world. But our experience working in this area over the last decade has taught us to focus on the solutions as opposed to just the problems. Better to take one step along the path to improvement instead of getting weighed down by the huge scale of the task of improving industry standards.

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