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IPNLF and Earthworm Foundation strengthen collaboration in French tuna markets
IPNLF and Earthworm Foundation strengthen collaboration in French tuna markets
News Oct 22, 2020

A partnership agreement has been signed between Earthworm Foundation and the International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) to further the cause of sustainable fishing, particularly the promotion of responsible one-by-one fisheries, whereby using one hook and one fishing line to catch tuna one fish at a time.

Tuna play an important role in the ocean’s ecosystem, eating a variety of fish and maintaining the balance of other species populations. As an affordable source of protein tuna is also very much in demand, causing some fishermen to use methods to catch them in huge quantities. This threatens the existence of some tuna species.

IPNLF and Earthworm Foundation have a shared vision: a sustainable seafood industry, from fishery through the supply chain. Together, they will work to engage the French market in creating stronger and more responsible management of tuna stocks globally, promoting sustainable fishing practices, as well as improving working conditions for employees, both at sea and on land.

The partnership will also see the strengthening of The Tuna Protection Alliance (TUPA), which is aimed at becoming a driving force in the canned tuna industry, binding producers, retailers, and fleets together, as well as working to adopt better fishing practices and management to restore, balance and safeguard resources for future generations.

IPNLF works to support sustainable fisheries, forging change through practical fishery projects and stakeholder corporation to highlight the social and environmental benefits of one-by-one fishing. IPNLF now has offices all over the globe, with member fisheries ranging from locations as diverse as St. Helena, the Maldives, South Africa, Indonesia, Canada, and the USA. Their expertise has continued to grow, becoming one of the most respected and well-regarded organisations working in the sustainable tuna industry.

Earthworm Foundation has a history of working with organisations and governments around the globe to protect valuable and degraded habitats. In 2018, they solidified their mission to cultivate life in forests, oceans and communities around the world. This involves working with retailers such as E.Leclerc, Les Mousquetaires and Casino to ensure responsible fishing practices and supply chain management.

TUPA was launched in 2018 by Earthworm Foundation, bringing together a collection of organisations committed to the responsible management of tuna fisheries and the promotion of sustainable fishing practices that are linked to the French canned tuna market.

This partnership between Earthworm Foundation and IPNLF will be an important step forward in helping to create a sustainable supply chain in the French tuna fishing sector. Through the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), which is initially effective for a period of two years, the parties have agreed to the following commitments:

  • Create a focused partnership to collaboratively engage in activities and share information that furthers the promotion of sustainable tuna fishing.
  • Work collaboratively to improve the traceability and transparency of canned one-by-one tuna products.
  • To exchange knowledge about each other’s projects and activities, as well as exchange the contact information of pole-and-line fisheries that would be applicable for such projects.
  • Work together to improve the knowledge of the sourcing credentials of pole-and-line caught tuna in the French marketplace.

Florie Hovine, Member Manager, Earthworm Foundation, says: "We’ve been in touch with IPNLF for a few years now, as it is an observer of the TUPA, and felt it would be great for both our organisations to further our collaboration. We share the same passion for tuna fisheries sustainability, which at its heart is to preserve this resource so that future generations can also benefit from it. We’re delighted with this MoU and can’t wait to start exploring the one-by-one tuna fisheries world in further detail.”

IPNLF’s Managing Director, Martin Purves, says of the partnership: “We recognise the great work of Earthworm Foundation, as well as the influence the French market has in terms of the future sustainability of tuna fisheries. This collaboration is an exciting opportunity for us to share our knowledge and experience of working with one-by-one tuna fisheries, and to consolidate the efforts of both organisations in working to create a more sustainable and responsible tuna market.”

How Earthworm Foundation works within the seafood industry

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