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Johnson & Johnson becomes a TFT member
Johnson & Johnson becomes a TFT member
News May 1, 2014

Prepared to walk the path towards traceable, responsible palm oil.

TFT is pleased to welcome global personal care products company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) as a TFT member. J&J announced today its new Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Criteria which will require that the palm oil going into J&J’s products comes from plantations that protect forests (including High Carbon Stock Forests) and peat, and respect the human rights of workers and local communities.

As a global manufacturer of shampoos, soaps, lotions and creams, J&J sources products made from palm oil and palm kernel oil that have been manufactured into ingredients like soap chips and noodles (also known as palm oil derivatives) through complex oleochemical processes involving further splitting and blending of the palm oil at mills and refineries.

In the past, many companies have considered palm oil derivatives supply chains ‘too complex’ to provide traceable sourcing. J&J is eager to tackle this complexity with TFT, map its supply chain and innovate with its suppliers to build traceability and responsible practices throughout its supply. The company is also inviting other actors, such as brands, in the palm oil derivative market to join them in addressing this challenge. Over the coming year, TFT will help J&J to implement an ambitious workplan aimed at engaging its top suppliers (providing more than 85% of their palm oil derivative volume) to set up sourcing systems that deliver traceable oil, compliant with the J&J criteria. In an effort to share its journey towards responsible sourcing with customers, J&J will be blogging about its progress.

TFT Director Bastien Sachet says: “The path towards traceable, responsible palm oil is not an easy one, but Johnson & Johnson are prepared to walk it. The fact they have a concrete plan to support the implementation of their policy gives strength to their announcement. It demonstrates a genuine desire to go deep into the transformation of their supply chain. Only by taking the time to speak constructively with suppliers can a brand catalyze real supply chain transformation and have a chance to be true to its values.”

J&J Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Criteria

J&J on sustainable palm oil

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