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Johnson & Johnson

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Johnson & Johnson manufactures health care products and provides related services for the consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices markets. The Company sells products such as skin and hair products, over the-counter-products, prescription pharmaceuticals, and surgical implants in countries around the world. Founded, and still based, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA, it is a publicly owned multinational with more than 260 operating companies in more than 60 countries, employing approximately 134,000 people. Johnson & Johnson estimates its palm oil footprint at 84,296 metric tonnes used to manufacture the ingredients it buys (ACOP 2018).


Earthworm is working with Johnson & Johnson to trace the origin of the Company's palm oil, identify risk areas, and engage priority suppliers to implement its Responsible Sourcing Criteria. Johnson & Johnson is investing in a range of on-the-ground projects that positively impact management practices in its palm oil supply.

Key Stats

Traceability percentage to Mill for 2018 – 75% overall, 82% for the Top 14 Suppliers
5 suppliers are at various stages of Earthworm Foundation’s High Impact Supplier programme aimed at building greater NDPE compliance
Johnson & Johnson is supporting a smallholder programme in Riau, Indonesia to improve the livelihoods and resilience of over 700 farmers.

Our Work

An overall action plan is in place, and Johnson & Johnson report progress regularly.

Work plan for Q3 2018 to Q2 2019

2018 Q1-3 progress update

Johnson & Johnson palm oil usage

2017 progress update

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