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The Forest Trust announces major rebrand and a broader strategic direction
The Forest Trust announces major rebrand and a broader strategic direction
News 27 janv. 2019

After a major rebrand, The Forest Trust becomes Earthworm Foundation.

Nyon, Switzerland - Today, The Forest Trust, a non-profit organisation which supports companies to improve sustainability in their supply chain, announced a major rebrand and name change to reflect its broader mission. TFT will henceforth be known as Earthworm Foundation.

Coinciding with the organisation’s 20-year anniversary, the rebrand marks an expansion of work that continues to include protecting forests as well as work in soils, agriculture, oceans and human rights, with the ultimate aim of preserving the climate that allows life on Earth to thrive.

“20 years ago we set out to change timber supply chains and safeguard forests,” explains Bastien Sachet, Earthworm Foundation’s CEO. “Today, fighting deforestation is still one of our main goals, but over the years, working in supply chains, we have learnt that we cannot fix the serious environmental and social issues that our world is facing by only concentrating on the forest biome. Ecosystems and human equilibrium cannot be approached in isolation when it comes to tackling climate change - forests, soils, oceans and people are all interrelated. Put simply, changing our name is about accepting who we truly are - we identify with how earthworms relentlessly cultivate life. They are practical healers, able to take a barren, almost lifeless patch of soil and make it fertile and full of vitality. We can relate to that in our daily work supporting our members transform their supply chains at the root of the problem.

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