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3M shares latest progress
3M shares latest progress
News 7 juin 2016

Global consumer goods company 3M are perhaps best known for the Post-it note. Since revising their pulp and paper sourcing policy in 2015 they have been reporting on their progress in implementation. Here's details of their latest update.

TFT’s role

TFT aided 3M on their journey to this significant commitment by raising awareness of the issues associated with pulp and paper harvesting and processing. TFT continues to assist 3M with the application of their revised policy.

For example, we have helped 3M staff and suppliers to understand how the policy affects them and the work they do, visited mills and converters to check that work on the ground mirrors principles pledged in the office, and completed supply chain risk assessments to identify risks and overall policy conformance.

Latest progress

Since releasing the revised policy, 3M has been engaging suppliers to share with them the policy, their expectations for suppliers, and collecting supply chain information to allow 3M to know where their products are coming from, back to forest source.

By the end of 2016, 3M plans to have engaged over 80% of their total direct pulp and paper suppliers (by spend) and are well on their way to meeting this goal. 3M has engaged suppliers and staff from all regions that 3M operates in through individual and group face-to-face training sessions.

There have been significant advancements in the traceability of 3M’s pulp and paper products. Overall, over 60% of the pulp and paper supply chain has been traced to at least the mill level. This includes over 18% of the supply chain that has been traced to forest source. Given the complexities of global pulp and paper supply chains, this represents a big achievement.

Understanding the source

To understand potential risks in their global supply chain, 3M and TFT have partnered to complete risk assessments of the data collected to date.

These assessments have also helped 3M to begin to understand likelihood of supplier conformance to their policy expectations. The species of wood, country and region of harvest, and existing certifications all influence risk and likelihood of conformance.

Next steps

Despite the impressive progression 3M has made so far in implementing its revised policy, the scope of the project is vast. Throughout the rest of 2016 (and beyond), 3M will work with us and other partners to further realise the revised pulp and paper sourcing policy throughout their supply chain.

The second half of 2016 will see a greater focus on getting into the field with 3M suppliers around the world to see what is happening on the ground.

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