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Riau, Indonesia

Presenting a compelling case for balancing commodity production with forest conservation, sustainable livelihoods and the welfare of people…


Soubré, Côte d’Ivoire

Sustainable agriculture that improves the lives of farmers and safeguards ecosystems

Sabah, Malaysia

Harmonising sustainable economic development, forest conservation, decent work opportunities and resilient livelihoods for communities,…

Southern Central Forest Spine, Malaysia

Balancing sustainable production, forest conservation, resilient livelihoods, and good labour practices at scale

Aceh, Indonesia

Balancing production, forest conservation, sustainable livelihoods, and good social and labour practices at scale

Cavally Forest Reserve, Côte d'Ivoire

A preserved ecosystem with resilient communities

Tocache, San Martin region, Peru

Sustainable, productive landscape with healthy, prosperous and resilient businesses, communities and environment

Indian Ocean and the Atlantic-East

The Tuna Protection Alliance (TUPA)

Mitti Bole, India

Mitti Bole, or Soil Speaks, is supporting Indian farmers return health to their soils.

Living Soils, Santerre, France

The Living Soils Initiative, launched in January 2018 aims to accelerate the adoption of conservation agriculture practices by farmers

Regional Programme: CSE Indonesia (Jakarta)

CSE Indonesia specialises in delivering ‘Short Courses’ lasting 3-10 days that bring together stakeholders from diverse perspectives,…