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Our values

Our values are our greatest asset. They guide us forward and serve as the cultural cornerstone, as we interact with businesses, stakeholders and our peers. It is no coincidence that our first step to engage people in our work always puts values at the center of the conversation. We thrive to live by our own but also inspire others to live by theirs.

Truth - To carry our mission forward, we must be able to face the truth, open ourselves to accepting it and speak from that place, especially when it goes against the consensus.

Courage - Courage for us is about being bold and trusting. It is about facing the unknown or the tension while trusting yourself and others to be able to overcome it.

Humility - We strive to make humility a trademark of everything we do – we do not boast about our achievements, we share them so that others may benefit; we do not claim to have all the answers, we open up to others to work on solutions; We do not see ourselves as morally superior, we merely share our truths and hope to inspire.

Respect - All our interactions with peers, stakeholders and ourselves are grounded in respect – Respect of perspectives, dignity and boundaries.

Compassion - Our work is, above all, with people. And to connect with people, it is crucial that we be able to see their perspectives and understand their feelings towards an issue. The chaotic nature of our work also requires us to be compassionate towards ourselves and our peers so that we may not compromise our own values.