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Earthworm Foundation IATI Exclusion Policy

Earthworm Foundation IATI Exclusion Policy

April 2020

Earthworm Foundation is committed to making full disclosure of its project and programme information through IATI. In future we aim to publish information about all of our grants and programmes in a transparent way through IATI, but as a first step we are releasing DFID programme and project data alone.

We do not disclose everything as many details are confidential. Examples are as follows:

  • Information whose disclosure would compromise the safety, security or privacy of any individual, including (but not restricted to) our staff, and their families our partners, and beneficiaries
  • Information that breaks confidentiality agreements with our members, partners and other organisations, or with respect needs consent of others;
  • Commercially sensitive financial information
  • Information whose disclosure would contravene data protection or local laws and regulations
  • Any information that, if disclosed, could compromise the integrity of Earthworm Foundation or its reputation.
  • Information for which the additional cost of disclosure is disproportionate to the transparency benefits of it’s disclosure

Exclusions can cover documents, an element of a programme or project, or an entire project, though the presumption is in favour of disclosure unless the exclusion criteria applies.