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Consultant - Tomé-Açu, Brazil (Home Office)

Deadline: 31/05/2024

The Earthworm Foundation's (EF) mission is to strengthen, connect, and inspire communities through innovation to respond and adapt to the growing needs of a rapidly changing world. Since 2019, we have been committed to coordinating actions with various stakeholders in the palm oil supply chain in Brazil, establishing partnerships, and promoting collaborative efforts to continuously enhance social and environmental practices in the sector.

The micro-region of Tomé-Açu in Brazil faces a delicate balance between vulnerable rural communities involved in long-standing conflicts over territorial rights and the expansion of commodity supply chains in the Amazon region. To address these tensions, we have adopted a rights-based approach with the ultimate goal of promoting Nature Positive and conflict-free supply chains.

The project aims to support quilombola communities in the recognition of their lands and rights, utilizing expertise in bureaucratic processes to build effective paths for land titling. This experience will not only be applied in the bureaucratic process itself but also in the creation of educational materials, courses, and training. These resources will be essential to empower community members and other stakeholders, making the recognition process robust at all levels, including internal community recognition, recognition by organizations such as the government, and legitimacy by relevant authorities.

This holistic approach not only seeks legal titling but also strengthens communities, promoting understanding and active participation in all phases of the process.

Contract Scope


Hire a legal entity or individual with specific expertise in bureaucratic processes for the titling of quilombola lands. This expertise is essential not only to guide and support the project in defining the necessary processes for titling the lands owned by beneficiary communities but also to significantly contribute to the development of educational materials, courses, and training.

The hired consultant will play a crucial role in building more effective paths to obtain titling. In turn, the materials and courses will be strategically developed to empower quilombola communities, as well as other stakeholders, making the land recognition process more accessible, efficient, and participatory in all its phases.


  • Revision/Structuring of Steps for Regularization
Development of a detailed structure identifying essential steps for land regularization under different conditions and phases of the process for communities seeking titling. The developed roadmap will be generic to the four communities covered by the project. This activity aims to provide a clear and organized view of the current process and also offer a more generic roadmap for different stages that communities experience when seeking titling from recognition by the Palmares Institute to obtaining the collective title granted by the Land Institute of Pará (ITERPA) or the National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA). The steps are expected to be validated by legal instruments or the opinions of relevant authorities.
  • Development of Educational Materials and Instructional Videos

Development of educational materials (infographics and flowcharts) and instructional videos that clearly and accessibly present the steps involved in land regularization processes. These resources will be developed by the contractor and formatted/edited by Earthworm.


The deadline for completing the work will be determined in collaboration with the service provider, considering the complexity of activities and the need to ensure high-quality results. However, it is crucial to emphasize that training activities are scheduled to commence from March 2024.

As a result, it is expected that initial materials and some course elements will be ready by the end of January 2024. This schedule aims to ensure proper preparation for the effective implementation of training activities, providing sufficient time for review and adjustments as necessary.

Contractual Conditions


  • Activity Modality:

All study-related activities will be conducted in a home office format. Weekly meetings will be scheduled for progress monitoring, with adjustments possible based on advancement demands.

  • Project Coordination:

In critical moments or significant advancements, the contractor should participate in meetings with the project coordinator for strategic alignment and assertive decision-making.

  • Studio Recordings:

Earthworm Foundation is responsible for studio hiring and logistics, including the expert's transportation from Campinas to Piracicaba. The contractor should be available for studio recordings. The generated audiovisual content will be shared property, with permission for use by the contractor (according to a cooperation agreement to be established between the parties).


  • Segmentation of Financial Proposal/Cooperation:

Requesting that the financial proposal and cooperation be presented separately for each product requested in the project scope. Clear division of values and shared products: a. development of materials; course structuring; video recording; among others. This approach will allow a detailed and transparent analysis of the project's actions and where more cooperation may exist.

  • Payment Stages:

Payments will be made in stages based on project progress. It is suggested that 30% of the amount be paid at the beginning of activities, 30% after the delivery of recordings, and the remaining 40% upon delivery of all products. All materials defined as cooperation results are made available to both parties upon completion. Terms related to material usage by both parties will be defined in the final proposal and specified in the contract.


The contracted service provider, by accepting this Terms of Reference, commits to maintaining absolute confidentiality and not disclosing or revealing to third parties, nor using in any way, directly or indirectly, for their benefit or that of others, confidential information or information that may constitute business secrets or intellectual property rights, whether of the Earthworm Foundation or its partners.

Selection Process


Interested parties should submit a financial proposal and some examples of work to the emails: , by January 14, 2024.


Roberto Scorsatto Sartori