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CSE helps builds the capacity to manage natural and social resources more responsibly.
CSE helps builds the capacity to manage natural and social resources more responsibly.
News Jul 30, 2015

The Centre of Social Excellence (CSE) Indonesia was launched today in Jakarta.

The CSE Indonesia is an initiative by TFT which builds the capacity to manage natural and social resources more responsibly.

It provides training to companies, government, NGOs, graduates and community leaders, which makes them far better equipped to engage with stakeholders. These skills can be used to tackle the causes of potential conflict that land development can cause in thousands of villages throughout the country.

Why it is needed

When any land is developed for a concession it is vital that all stakeholders are taken into consideration. Countries rich in natural resources often have those resources extracted at the expense of local communities living in these areas. These communities are not always warned, consulted, or compensated about the development of this land. This is where the conflict can begin between various stakeholders. At present there is a shortage of trained professionals with the skills to mediate between these different groups of people. This is why CSE Indonesia is so vital.

How it works

CSE Indonesia aims to fill this skills shortage by providing various training programmes, courses and support focused on responsible natural and social resource management. It will be split between the following subjects:

  • Responsible conflict resolution
  • Social and community engagement
  • Responsible management systems

This will include participatory and conflict social mapping – a unique tool that TFT has used in Indonesia to enable indigenous and community populations to voice their concerns over the management of forests and plantations.

CSE Indonesia aims to replicate the success of CSE Africa, which was launched in 2009. Although CSE Indonesia will work on a far bigger scale, offering a variety of different courses to suit the needs of different people. The newly learned skills CSE Indonesia will provide will empower practitioners and the organisations they work for to tackle the formidable social challenges faced today in Indonesia.

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