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Earthworm Foundation Outlines its Soil Health Approach and Impact in France, India and the U.S.
Earthworm Foundation Outlines its Soil Health Approach and Impact in France, India and the U.S.
News Mar 16, 2022

Report Showcases Earthworm’s Soil Regeneration Projects

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Earthworm Foundation has ambitious plans to restore soil health. By 2025, we aim to be working across one million hectares of land that is moving towards regenerative agriculture practices.

Our new report collates the work we are doing globally to restore soil health in India with Maisons du Monde, the US with Grupo Bimbo, and in France, through our Living Soils (Sols Vivants) initiative, in which we work with organisations and companies that include Bimbo QSR, Bonduelle, Herta, Lidl, McDonald’s, McCain, Nestlé and Purina.

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Earthworm 2022 Soils Report

Last year, we published results of our 2021 field campaign in France, where we visited more than 200 farms. We found that three-quarters of the soils we sampled are degraded, yet there is hope. We also found that the carbon stocks in these soils were either stable or increasing in 55% of our samples. Put simply, such soil has the potential to be regenerated.

The work to improve soil health requires collaboration between the brands, manufacturers and retailers who buy and use all number of crops in their products, and the farmers and producers in their supply chain, along with farming cooperatives, agronomists and soil scientists.

The report is part of our #LookDownToo campaign, which recognises the role businesses can play in supporting farmers in their supply chain to transitition to regenerative agriculture. This can restore soil health, reduce pollution and capture carbon.

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