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Oil importer commits to responsible sourcing
Oil importer commits to responsible sourcing
News Nov 26, 2012

Pro Fair Trade AG/Ceres Food joins TFT to source responsible palm, coconut and sunflower oil

As of January 2019, The Forest Trust has become Earthworm Foundation.

We are pleased to welcome a new TFT member, the Swiss importer Pro Fair Trade AG/Ceres Food. The company sources its oils from Africa and Asia to supply a number of industries in Switzerland. Among its suppliers are hundreds of smallholders across the two continents.

The TFT-Pro Fair Trade partnership seeks to engage growers linked to the supply of raw materials and carry out a program that supports the implementation of best practice. For this, eight Responsible Sourcing Guidelines have been developed, aiming to eliminate practices linked to deforestation, as well as ensuring that production is compliant with all laws and regulations.

Pro Fair Trade seeks to make a positive impact on communities and the environment and at the same time delivering a high quality product to its customers. Together with TFT, it will build upon existing agricultural systems to strengthen the protection of the environment and the benefits for people involved in the production, as well as seeking innovative ways to increase sustainable yields.

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