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Asia Pulp and Paper progress reviewed
Asia Pulp and Paper progress reviewed
News Feb 5, 2015

Independent report studies progress so far.

As of January 2019, The Forest Trust has become Earthworm Foundation.

Two years to the day since Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) committed to a forest conservation policy, the Rainforest Alliance has published its independent evaluation on the progress made in implementing that policy.

TFT founder Scott Poynton welcomes the report. “We work very closely with APP on the ground to implement its policy and we’re pleased to see the report acknowledging the large amount of work that has been achieved over a very short time period in a hugely complex context.”

Scott continues: “Much remains to be done and the report highlights those areas – stakeholder input into the evaluation process has been very useful in this regard. What shines out of the report is that APP’s commitment to its policy is rock solid and the company’s response with its policy implementation plan addresses the areas of concern. We look forward to continuing the challenging work of policy implementation alongside APP and the many stakeholders involved.”

Forest clearance by third parties remains a huge problem across the whole of Indonesia. “APP is grappling with that problem and has identified where it can do more,” says Scott. “But the challenge goes beyond what a single company can do, and all stakeholders, the Government of Indonesia, NGOs, communities, everyone must work hard together to solve this challenge.”


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