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Member since: February 2017


Member since: February 2017


Enviva, the world's largest industrial wood pellet producer, operates ten plants in the Southeast US, with a capacity to produce around 6.2 million metric tons of pellets annually.

Enviva primarily exports its pellets to power plants and heat generators in the UK, Europe, and Japan, with expanding applications in industries like steel, cement, and aviation fuels. To meet the growing demand for alternative energy and potential growth in Southeast Asian pellet markets, Enviva pursues long-term contracts with third-party suppliers in the region.

Earthworm supports Enviva as a strategic guide and accountability partner on responsible sourcing principles. Earthworm works with Enviva on strategic analysis, supplier engagement, and stakeholder facilitation to co-create solutions to strategic and operational challenges. For instance, Earthworm and Enviva have collaborated on developing a High Conservation Value (HCV) approach in the US Southeast, to ensure ecological and social values are appropriately managed in Enviva's sourcing area.

Due diligence for third-party suppliers is integral to Enviva's Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP) implementation, particularly in higher-risk regions like Southeast Asia. Enviva and Earthworm assess suppliers against the Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP) criteria and conduct assessments and field visits. Enviva and Earthworm push and support suppliers to continuously improve through capacity-building initiatives like Earthworm-delivered trainings.

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Jun 4, 2019

Enviva revises policy to establish a better framework for transparency

Key Milestones

Earthworm and Enviva are collaborating to implement Enviva's Responsible Sourcing Policy within the company's sourcing basin in the US Southeast and with third-party suppliers globally. This involves working with Enviva to co-create and introduce new concepts, systems, and best practices for implementing sustainability within Enviva's operations. Earthworm develops training, facilitates internal problem-solving processes, and supports supplier engagement, among other activities with Enviva. Enviva is taking steps to ensure that HCVs are addressed on individual tracts it sources from. It also collaborates with the conservation community and other stakeholders to take on landscape-scale challenges in key sourcing regions.


Enviva's Responsible Sourcing Policy

High Conservation Value bottomland forests

Feb 14, 2017

Enviva becomes a TFT member