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Founded in 1973, Lipsa is the largest refinery of southern Europe. Lipsa has two refineries: the largest, with a production capacity of 600,000 mt, is near Barcelona, where the company is based, and the other is located in Huelva, southern Spain, and has a production capacity of 250,000mt. Lipsa carries out the process from neutralisation to fractionation of all types of tropical seeds, oils and fats. Its product applications are used for human consumption, animal feed and other technical uses. 30% of the total volume is exported to 40 countries.


The collaboration between Earthworm Foundation and Lipsa started back in October 2018 through a short-term contract to review and improve its palm oil traceability process, to launch the supplier engagement work and to implement a protocol to deal with cases of non-compliant suppliers targeted for deforestation issues.

Statistiques clés

99.6% of palm oil volume is traceable to mill

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avr. 2019

Publication of progress against 2018-2019 action plan

avr. 2019

Publication of 2019-2020 action plan

Notre engagement

This year, Lipsa and Earthworm Foundation decided to extend the partnership and will work to update and strengthen its sustainable palm oil policy. To support Lipsa's vision and commitments, we will work on developing and publishing an action plan for 2019 and 2020. Earthworm Foundation will also take the opportunity to organise a second training session with Lipsa's internal staff to raise awareness around sustainability challenges and requirements.

Communication throughout the year will be key. We will work with Lipsa to develop the first annual progress report and a one-pager dashboard.

Finally, Lipsa and Earthworm Foundation will continue to engage with Lipsa's main suppliers to identify opportunities for further collaboration and to identify a co-founded project of transformation on the ground.

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1 avr. 2019

Earthworm Foundation welcomes Lípidos Santiga as a new member