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Member since juin 2015


The Clorox Company is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer and professional products with approximately 8,700 employees and fiscal year 2018 sales of $6.1 billion. It’s known for some popular brands, including Clorox, Glad®, Hidden Valley®, Brita® and Burt's Bees®.


Clorox and Earthworm Foundation work together in support of its robust sourcing commitment for palm oil focused on traceability, supplier engagement, and investment in transformation. Clorox’s goal is to source palm oil ingredients in a manner that doesn’t contribute to deforestation and respects human rights in its sourcing communities. Earthworm Foundation and Clorox’s partnership is centred around the belief the most effective way to influence progress in the supply chain is through collaboration and partnerships, including efforts with suppliers, consumer packaged goods industry peers, and nongovernmental organisations.

Etapes clés

avr. 2017

Colgate adopted a No Deforestation policy in March 2014 and became an Earthworm Foundation member in 2015.

mai 2018

In 2016, Colgate began using the Engagement for Policy Implementation (EPI) tool to enhance progress on their supplier engagement and policy implementation. They also co-funded assessments with two suppliers in Ecuador and contributed to ART in a major supplier’s supply shed in Indonesia.

sept. 2019

In 2017, Colgate began tracing its derivatives supply and expanding its in-depth supplier engagement work via EPI to its Thai suppliers. They also began supporting Earthworm’s Indonesian Landscape Initiative and funded a Centre for Social Excellence (CSE) training in Aceh Tamiang, Indonesia.

sept. 2019

Colgate began publishing a mill list for its top palm oil suppliers in May 2018. They also continued to support transformation activities in Indonesia, including the Indonesia Landscape Initiative, a Support for Transformation (SFT) mill training and EF’s flagship smallholder program, Rurality.

Notre engagement

Through its partnership with the Earthworm Foundation, Clorox has improved its traceability processes and acted as frontrunners in the derivatives space in terms of transparency, traceability, and active investment in transformation. Clorox engages its suppliers on meeting its responsible sourcing commitment to ensure they are working to achieve full traceability to the mill and have developed responsible sourcing commitments of their own.

Clorox has also increased its support of transformation by funding Earthworm Foundation projects in a critical ecosystem in Indonesia. As a member of the Indonesian Landscape Initiative, Clorox joined Earthworm Foundation in laying the groundwork for the adoption and implementation of sustainable land use planning as a key intervention to stop deforestation and exploitation in regions of Indonesia where the palm sector is actively driving these issues.

Actualités et histoires

29 janv. 2020

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20 juil. 2018

TFT and Aceh Tamiang’s local government gear up to support smallholders and protect forests

19 févr. 2016

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