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Noticias e historias

19 oct. 2021

New study reveals multiple dimensions of impact by Earthworm’s Centre of Social Excellence (CSE) in Africa

8 oct. 2021
8 sept. 2021

Training Gabonese civil society on sustainable palm oil and wood production

10 jun. 2021

Aiming to build a better future in world's largest reserve of bauxite

26 feb. 2021
11 ago. 2020

A webinar on how companies across Africa are tackling COVID-19

9 jul. 2020
2 mar. 2020
8 nov. 2019

10-month Social Manager Long Course starts March 2020

8 nov. 2019

CSE Afrique : 10 mois de formation sur les aspects sociaux de la gestion durable des ressources naturelles.

30 ene. 2019

Bringing companies and communities together in Indonesia

19 dic. 2018

CSE's latest conflict mediation training in Cameroon