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Fuji Oil

Member since junho 2016


The Fuji Oil Group is a Japanese manufacturer of plant-based food solutions. They operate in the fields of hard butters for chocolate, confectionery and bakery ingredients (including cream, margarine and cheese-flavoured ingredients), and soy ingredients.


Since 2016, we have worked with Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. to influence and scale up change among their palm oil suppliers in Malaysia. This began with the development of their Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Policy, signifying their commitment against deforestation, peatland development and exploitation for all palm oil in their supply chain. Subsequent policy implementation efforts have focused on an ART (Aggregator Refinery Transformation) plan in Fuji's Palmaju refinery supply base in Malaysia.

Key Stats

Engaged 100 percent of direct suppliers in their Palmaju Edible Oils supply shed through site visits, workshops and broad level engagement
More than 200 foreign workers' passports returned in Malaysia as a result of our efforts to support transformation among Fuji Oil suppliers.
Through the Tools for Transformation (T4T) system, 100% of Palmaju Edible Oils' direct suppliers have provided us with data against NDPE requirements.

Nosso trabalho

Building on Fuji's No Deforestation, Peat & Exploitation (NDPE) commitments, we have supported traceability, supplier engagement, grievance mechanism and transformation activities in their supply chain in Malaysia. These activities have focused on engaging key suppliers on transforming prevalent social issues, as well as creating resources and case studies to spread change across the rest of their supply base. Our work with Fuji also includes developing and using the online platforms, such as the Tools for Transformation (T4T) system, to identify gaps in their supply chain, monitor policy implementation and support ongoing industry transformation in Malaysia. Fuji is supporting the Landscapes transformation activities in regions at risk of deforestation.

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