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Earthworm Foundation announces the conclusion of Drax's membership

Drax will no longer be a member of Earthworm Foundation as of 1 March 2024.

This decision has been reached through mutual understanding, and we'd like to extend our gratitude for Drax's engagement on and contributions to our collective mission of promoting environmental and social sustainability.

At Earthworm, we value Drax's commitment to sustainability, but despite sincere efforts
on both sides, we have been unable to define a full set of joint actions that would form the basis of a meaningful partnership and, therefore, have decided to conclude membership at this time. We wish Drax's leadership success in its sustainability journey.

Although Drax is no longer a member, Earthworm Foundation remains open to future interactions and collaborations with Drax on shared goals, recognising Drax's significance in various regions worldwide.


The following announcement was initially published in June 2023.

Drax plc’s Earthworm Foundation membership and collaboration have paused, effective 20 June 2023.

Earthworm partners with companies to create and implement innovative, responsible sourcing strategies that ensure better outcomes for people and nature.

Since Drax joined Earthworm in 2019, we have made some notable progress together, including developing and rolling out the Healthy Forest Landscape approach. Earthworm Foundation and Drax will be taking a step back from this collaboration to evaluate the progress that has been made with respect to Drax's responsible biomass sourcing strategy and consider if there are grounds for future collaboration.