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A preserved ecosystem with resilient communities

A preserved ecosystem with resilient communities

Cavally Forest Reserve, Côte d'Ivoire

The Cavally Forest Reserve is one of the 234 classified forests of Côte d’Ivoire. It is located between Taï National Park in Côte d’Ivoire and Grebo Kran National Park in Liberia, both belonging to the Upper Guinea biodiversity hotspot in West Africa. The Cavally Forest Reserve covers an area of 67,541 Ha and is home to endangered species such as chimpanzees and pygmy hippos. In November 2017, in partnership with the forest development agency of Côte d’Ivoire (SODEFOR -

Société de Développement des Forêts) and Airbus, Earthworm Foundation launched a pilot project called STARLING to monitor deforestation, particularly related to cocoa, in the Cavally forest reserve. This made it possible to establish a base map of the Cavally forest in January 2018. This map indicates that 33% of the forest is highly degraded (with sun cocoa) and another 7% degraded (with cocoa under the forest canopy).

Key objectives for 2023

Respect human rights and improve farmer resilience

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Protect and restore Cavally Forest and key habitat

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Demonstrate and replicate multi-stakeholder approach

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Our achievements

Finalised holistic diagnostic data collection, establishing a Land Use Map for the periphery area. Meetings with over 755 interviews in 46 villages and settlements

Launch of project in the town of Zagné, bringing together more than 200 individuals and representatives; village chiefs, opinion leaders, and the heads of local organisations

Monitoring deforestation since 2018, enabling SODEFOR to direct its patrols and see a reduction in deforestation rates from nearly 4% to <1% by 2020

Our work is supported by:

Ministry of Waters and Forests of Ivory Coast (MINEF)

- Ensures the monitoring and the general supervision of the project;
- Oversees potential preservation activities close to forests in the rural and outer zone of the classified forest.

Forest Development Society (SODEFOR)

- In charge of the technical and operational implementation of the project activities inside the classified forest;
- Brings its technical expertise on all the sylviculture activities as well as on the strengthening of the capacities of local communities in charge of the reforestation and nurseries in the classified Cavally forest;
- Coordinates and supervises the surveillance activities in relationship with MINEF, especially the Special Surveillance and Intervention Brigade (BSSI) and other MINEF services (like picture exploitation, organization of patrols etc.) in the classified Cavally forest.

Our field team

Elie Soungalo

Project Officer

Esther Gnamba

Project Officer

Mathilde Xicola

Project Manager

Iremond Guehi

Project Officer

Moise Tekpo

Project Officer

Soumaila Kane

Project Officer

Stephane Kouakou

Senior Project Officer

Vako Diomandé

Junior Project Officer

Cavally is one of the key ecosystems where Earthworm Foundation works through its landscapes approach.

Key commodities In Cavally

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