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Member since January 2017


Socfin Group has 15 operations (plantations &/or factories) in eight African countries and two in Asia and is specialised in the development and management of palm oil and rubber tree plantations. They also transform these raw materials and trade the products.


Earthworm Foundation and Socfin’s partnership aims to support the implementation of Socfin’s Responsible Management Policy in its operations.

The work is a mix of ground-based approaches and strategic support, covering Group level actions such as grievance mechanism development, stakeholder engagement, process development and implementation, as well as focus towards some subsidiaries based on specific challenges they face.

News & Stories

Nov 28, 2023

Update on the implementation of Earthworm's Socfin field investigations

Aug 28, 2023

Earthworm Advances on Socfin Field Investigations - Phase 1 Complete and Phase 2 Set to Begin in Multiple Countries

Jul 31, 2023

Earthworm publishes first findings of investigations into allegations against Socfin Group