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TFT publishes fifth palm oil paper
TFT publishes fifth palm oil paper
News 14 Nov 2018

TFT shares its vision on how to achieve a responsible palm industry free from deforestation and exploitation.

Today, we have published our fifth palm oil paper: ‘Scaling palm oil transformation’. The paper lays out our view on the main challenges the palm oil industry faces in implementing No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation pledges running up to 2020, and how best to overcome them. Above all, we believe that more ambition, more collaboration and more innovation are needed.

Since we started out working on palm oil eight years ago, the industry has changed for the better in many ways. But despite this, many NDPE policies are still far from being fully implemented. The paper looks at how we have gotten here and some of the main obstacles that stand in the way of further progress.

But at TFT we remain filled with hope that change is possible, if it is given time and approached the right way. To illustrate this, we share a few of the stories of transformation that we have seen in our work over the past years. These stories highlight how through innovation and collaboration the industry’s challenges can be overcome. We also present recommendations that we believe would allow the industry to scale up transformation and bring about a truly responsible palm oil industry.

Read the paper: Scaling palm oil transformation.

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