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Towards Collaboration and Transparency
Towards Collaboration and Transparency
News 23 Okt 2018

Since January 2019, TFT has become Earthworm Foundation.

The objective of this workshop is as a refresher for the suppliers on LDC Palm Sustainability Policy as well as to introduce the TFT Tools for Transformation Self-Assessment (T4T SA). The event was attended by 30 participants, representing 20 parent groups (35 mills) that supply to LDC-owned refineries in Indonesia.

During his opening remark, LDC Indonesia President Director Rubens Marques emphasized the importance of implementing sustainability practices. The current customer behavior towards responsible and sustainable products has created an extensive change in the market for such products. He also acknowledged that only with collaboration with all stakeholders, particularly the suppliers, can we make the change happen.

LDC Indonesia Sustainability Manager Denny Turino presented the components of LDC Palm Sustainability Policy. He also explained that LDC seeks continuous improvement from the suppliers. In case of violation, LDC will prioritize engagement and discussion of improvements with the suppliers.

T4T SA supports LDC in collaborating with suppliers. By suppliers filling in the T4T SA, LDC would have an understanding of the challenges experienced by them, and could provide support in overcoming the identified challenges. The participants were actively engaged during the T4T SA presentation. Based on workshop input, they perceived T4T SA as a strategic tool that assists them in gathering information in a more efficient way from suppliers, and one that provides resources to help improving existing practices in a timely manner in line with industry best practices.

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