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10K LinkedIn Connections
10K LinkedIn Connections
News 20 Sep 2021

Thank you for our 10,000 LinkedIn Connections!

Earthworm is celebrating a new milestone - we now have 10,000 connections in our LinkedIn community!

A special thanks to all the people that engage with us regularly on the platform - this increasing number of connections encourages us to share quality information, trends within the sector, our latest news, events and new partnership announcements. At Earthworm, we have always put people at the centre of our work. These include the regular appearance of our presence on the field (#FeetInTheField) and a selection of relevant industry-related news.

You can look forward to an inspiring new series of video interviews hosted by our CEO, Bastien SACHET - interviewing leaders in sustainability – from CEOs, scientists, and heads of sustainability – to shine a light on these business leaders determined to protect and restore nature and people. To our responsible sourcing industry peers, keep an eye out for our upcoming e-learn series that aims to help you demystify technical industry jargon in short, digestible videos. Additionally, we will launch a couple of awareness campaigns around our work in Forests and Soils.

"We are happy to have reached this significant target - 10,000 followers is a great result that we have reached in a short period and reflects our increasing brand awareness within the biggest professional network in the world," shares Jotica Seghal, Earthworm's Communications Director.

For us, LinkedIn is an ideal platform for furthering our organisations' vision, bringing attention to the regenerative and restorative mission we implement together with our members and partners for the betterment of all people and the planet. It also enables us to connect with our industry peers within the network, paving pathways for the exchange of ideas and strategic collaborations," explains Jotica.

If you have not already done so, join our LinkedIn community today - we look forward to connecting with you there!

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