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PZ Cussons

Member since Agustus 2014


PZ Cussons is a leading international consumer products group, with four core categories – Personal Care & Beauty, Home Care, Food & Nutrition and Electricals, employing over 5000 people across Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America. With brands ranging from Imperial Leather to Cussons Baby, Original Source and Morning Fresh to St.Tropez.


PZ Cussons is working with Earthworm Foundation to secure a long-term sustainable supply of palm oil for its global operations. Its aim is to implement its Palm Oil Promise to ensure that the palm oil used in its range of personal and home care, beauty and food and nutrition products is responsibly sourced, respects local and indigenous communities, protects animal habitats and does not contribute to deforestation.

Pencapaian Penting

Des 2018

Working towards a goal of full supply from producers with aligned NDPE commitments, PZ Cussons have currently achieved 68% of crude palm oil and palm kernel oil and 30% of palm oil derivatives.

Jan 2019

With the majority of volumes from indirect third party suppliers, PZ Cussons are rolling-out a consistent non-compliant supplier protocol which applies to all suppliers and third party producers. This includes a conversion cut-off date and acceptable timescales for mitigation before ultimately excluding non-compliant producers.

Jun 2019

PZ CStarling and Kumacaya to independently verify non-compliance across its global supply chain. PZ Cussons has also begun transformation work by implementing Earthworm Foundation’s High Impact Supplier Programme. This will address identified non-compliance and drive change in local communities

Des 2019

PZ Cussons shows significant progress towards delivering its Palm Oil Promise with further progress against all five strategic objectives in its 2020 Action Plan. The Plan is the company’s roadmap towards sourcing 100% of its palm oil from producers independently verified as compliant with No Deforestation / No Peat / No Exploitation (NDPE) standards, which it aims to do by the end of 2020.

Berita & Cerita

29 Jan 2020

Engaging businesses, NGOs, government and communities to preserve forests

4 Okt 2019

Earthworm Foundation publishes Directory of Palm Oil Industry Stakeholders in Malaysia

25 Jun 2019

Leading multinationals adopt Starling satellite technology to monitor and verify their palm oil supply chain