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Noticias e historias

31 ago. 2021

A profile of Eva from our team in the UK

11 ago. 2020

A webinar on how companies across Africa are tackling COVID-19

22 jun. 2020

Bastien Sachet talks about how to invest in protecting forests

23 mar. 2020
15 oct. 2018

Rural women lead the way in developing fish farms in Thailand

29 ago. 2018

Rurality works with hundreds of farmers around the world, each producing different crops under different circumstances, meaning no two…

8 mar. 2018

Socfin Group progress update

7 mar. 2018

Rurality project manager Songpol Tippayawong explains how we are helping rubber farmers in Thailand to become less dependent on monocropping

3 mar. 2018

TFT Project Manager Vail Miller explains more about our work in Ghana supporting palm oil farmers to improve their practices and become…

26 feb. 2018

Bringing leading rubber players together

7 nov. 2017

The Socfin Group becomes an Earthworm Foundation member

10 jun. 2017

Supporting rubber farmers to increase their income