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ADM publish new progress tracker
ADM publish new progress tracker
News 27 abr. 2016

TFT Member ADM Launches New Sustainability Progress Tracker and Latest Progress Reports for Soy and Palm Oil.

On Earth Day, TFT member Archer Daniels Midlands Company (ADM) released its new online Sustainability Progress Tracker, providing a centralised source of information on their No Deforestation and Human Rights commitments, as well as their progress in implementation. The new tracker can be found at

New online tool

“As individuals, governments, companies and NGOs the world over celebrate Earth Day, we are proud to unveil this online tool, which underlines our continued commitment to achieving the important sustainability goals we laid out when we issued our Commitment to No-Deforestation last year,” said ADM Chairman and CEO Juan Luciano. “Now, customers, partners and other stakeholders can see the progress we’ve made, and just as importantly, our plans to continue to implement our sustainability goals.”

Identifying issues

The latest progress report outlines the significant progress ADM and TFT have made since ADM issued its No-Deforestation commitment last May. This includes mapping ADM’s palm oil footprint, establishing and updating its traceability scores, and completing a review of all of its direct suppliers. On the soy side, TFT has helped ADM to identify regions and issues of risk, establish baseline supply chain transparency data for South America, and review its current sustainability initiatives in order to create a detailed action plan for working with suppliers to achieve the company’s goals.

Visiting sourcing regions

“Over the last 12 months TFT teams have been visiting all of the major soy sourcing regions that ADM has in South America to meet with ADM staff, farmers, local NGOs, and government officials. This includes visits to at least five different regions in Brazil, as well as Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Bolivia. ADM has been very open with us in discussing the challenges they face and sharing all relevant data about their supply chain in the region. This has given us the insight to support ADM in development of an ambitious action plan to meet their Commitment to No Deforestation across Latin America” explained Robin Barr, TFT Director managing the work with ADM.

Highlighting progress

“The Progress Tracker also highlights the important progress we’ve made in implementing our 2014 Commitment to Respect Human Rights,” said Ismael Roig, ADM’s chief sustainability officer. “Last year, we completed our global analysis of human rights issues and identification of high-risk geographies, and analyzed the risks in our own supply chain. Now we’re moving forward with actions to mitigate those risks.”

The full news release from ADM can be found here.

Visit the tracker here

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