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Member since January 2004


E Leclerc is a French hypermarket chain with more than 500 stores throughout the country. Leclerc rand as number one food retailers in France.


In regards to palm oil, the retailer has been working on private brand products to reduce its footprint. Our objective now is to work on its supply chain in order to reach no deforestation palm oil sourcing. With wood and charcoal we have been collaborating on achieving responsibly source wood.

We have also been working on their palm oil supply chain.

Leclerc has been also the first retailer to join our Ocean programme and we are now working with them on differents supply in their sea food assortment (with a strong focus on tuna and shrimp).

Our Work

Leclec has been engage in a “plan forêt” on different commodities in order to fight deforestation embedded inside their supply chain, especially:

Palm oil : engaging with their supply chain in order to evaluate their engagement toward E.Leclerc’s responsible palm oil policy and work alongside them to improve practices.

Charcoal: develop Earthworm Foundation’s CCS (Charcoal control system) across the supply chain in order to have some a change of the market. Leclerc has been a strong supporter of our charcoal programme;

Ocean: work on list of fish (green and black list) and also some specific supply work on Tuna and shrimp.

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