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Rurality is supporting farmers who are working in Nestlé's pulp and paper in Vietnam.

Rurality is supporting farmers who are working in Nestlé's pulp and paper in Vietnam.

Rurality project in Son My, Vietnam

Rurality project in Son My, Vietnam

Rurality is working with Nestlé and the Cat Phu Vung Tau (CPTV), a chip mill in Nestlé’s pulp and paper supply chain.

CPTV is located in Ba Ria Province, Southern Vietnam, and sources its wood supply via traders from smallholders and state forest companies. The project site is located 80km away in Son My Commune, Binh Thuan Province where the initial Rural Dynamic Diagnostic (RDD) was completed from November 2017 to April 2018. This was done in collaboration with the chip mill and the local commune authority to gain an understanding of the context for the farmers on the ground and identify opportunities for transformation. Subsequently, an action plan and Project Vision have been formulated to define the key goals, outcomes and indicators to measure success through the course of the project.

Key activities

Engaging Experts and Lead Farmers

In collaboration with research agencies and experts, Rurality is engaging lead farmers, those willing to apply best management practices on their plantations. Through this approach Rurality intends to facilitate the transfer of technology from research institutes to the community through on-farm demonstrations by lead farmers. The objective is to contribute to, promote and scale up the introduction of best management practices for smallholder communities in Binh Thuan province.

Management Guidelines

In collaboration with the Vietnam Academy of Forest Sciences (VAFS), Rurality is compiling the best guidance available on smallholder acacia management. The objective of this process is to synthesise this information in a form that is appropriate for smallholders, incorporating case studies where possible. The output will be the creation of management factsheets for the entire lifecycle of the plantation and to make these available for farmers in Vietnam, a resource that is not currently available.

Developing a traceability system

In collaboration with the partner chip mill, Rurality is designing a traceability system to map the smallholders in the supply chain. This will improve product traceability and create a basis to engage traders and farmers to improve farmers’ access to knowledge and resources.

Farmer Training

Through one-to-one sessions and in collaboration with stakeholders, Rurality is providing training to farmers on best management practices, farm business management, plantation inventory, safe working practices, livelihood diversification and integrated management systems, such as agroforestry. Through this approach, Rurality hopes to inspire and empower farmers to improve practices and overcome the bottleneck in the transfer of technology to small farmers.

Building collaboration in the supply chain

Through engagement with traders in the supply chain, Rurality is seeking to build the capacity of farmers in the supply chain. While farmers and traders come together to arrange the harvesting and transportation of the trees at the end of the plantation lifecycle (on average at age 4-5), there is no value added for the farmers. Rurality is working to equip traders with resources for farmers to pass on the knowledge and information they need to improve practices in the next plantation rotation.


93 farmers interviewed
13 stakeholders engaged
13 factsheets developed

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