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Encouraging transparency
Encouraging transparency
News 22/06/2015

TFT welcomes the additional visibility provided by the recent Greenomics, EIA and REDD Monitor publications into ongoing deforestation in Indonesia.

As of January 2019, The Forest Trust has become Earthworm Foundation.

We welcome input and information regarding further tackling deforestation and exploitation from all stakeholders.

Greenomics report on clearance of forested peatlands

Wildlife News story from 8 June 2015

Greenomics report on forest clearance in Papua

We therefore further encourage, support and welcome the actions TFT members have taken with regard to these recently raised issues – please see links below for further information from our members about the actions they have taken:

Central Kalimantan

Rainforests in New Guinea

Musim Mas sustainability journal 2015

Leuser ecosystem

Details can also be found on the TFT Dashboard platform currently used by GAR and Wilmar :

Wilmar dashboard

GAR dashboard AA/Apical are very recent members of TFT but have also been taking appropriate engagement and action.

AA/ Apical become TFT members

TFT recognises more transparency is essential on the processes behind these decisions, and we will improve on this point with all our stakeholders.

We will be publishing more information describing our approach, its rationale, what we aim to achieve and how we see this as VT- TV (Values, Transparency, Transformation, Verification) working.

Hilary Thompson TFT Director says: “The work we are doing with our members in Asia is varied and complex. For example, in the last 18 months we have carried out 22 ‘deep dive’ field visits in Malaysia with 17 currently being planned up to December 2015 , and 55 in Indonesia, with over 30 in planning- along with multiple sets of workshops, trainings and supplier engagement meetings. This is a long journey we are on with our members but real progress is being made- and will be reported on.”

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