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Pro Fair Trade AG

Member since novembro 2012


Pro Fair Trade, a private company, is an oil and fats trader based in Rotkreuz, Switzerland. Pro Fair Trade supplies products to Swiss refiners that then enter the products of brands, bakers, caterers and the retail industry, some of which are also Earthworm Foundation members.


Earthworm Foundation and Pro Fair Trade are working together to build transparency about the raw materials that they source – from palm oil and coconut oil to sunflower and groundnut oil – to gain a clear picture of supplier practices in line with their policy to respect the environment and improve people’s lives. Where issues are identified we seek to work together on transformative and verification activities. We are currently working on palm oil.

Key Milestones

out. 2021

Notícias e Histórias


Collaboration with palm oil and cocoa producers in Soubré, Ivory Coast


A webinar about opportunities in the coconut supply chain


Starling data is helping the Ivory Coast government rebuild forest cover in the Cavally Forest