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Asia Pulp & Paper (APP)

Member since fevereiro 2013


Indonesia-based Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) is one of the biggest pulp and paper industries, producing more than 19 million tonnes of pulp, paper and packaging every year from its operations in Indonesia and China. APP’s sustainability commitments are manifested through its Sustainability Roadmap: Vision 2020 and Forest Conservation Policy (FCP).


Since 2012, we have been working closely with APP to explore the company’s values. This resulted in the launch of their Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) in February 2013 – a game-changer in the pulp and paper industry. Since then, our work with them has focused on FCP implementation related to forests, peatlands, people and supply chain. In an increasingly challenging sustainability journey, APP’s membership focuses on providing strategic and technical advice to address key issues.

Key Stats

100% of APP products come from plantation fibre.
Since 2013, we have helped APP resolve nearly half of all social conflicts in their supply chain.
1. Over 600,000 hectares of forest have been set aside for conservation as a result of HCV-HCS assessments conducted in partnership with APP.

Key Milestones

fev. 2013

First Growth and Yield study, resulting in the roll out of action plans for plantation productivity and wood supply efficiency

abr. 2015

Start of social conflict mapping.

set. 2016

HCV-HCS assessments completed for all suppliers, resulting in over 600,000 hectares of forest being set aside as protected areas

mai. 2017

Launching of Collaborative Conservation Management program to address third party deforestation

Nosso trabalho

In support of APP’s transformation journey, we work with them to tackle third-party deforestation, implement their Integrated Sustainable Forest Management Plan (ISFMP), maintain and strengthen relationships with local communities, protect workers’ welfare and ensure a deforestation-free supply chain. We also aim to continue improving transparency and verification via technology, independent observers, stakeholder engagement and an FCP monitoring dashboard.

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