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We work on the resilience of supply chains, we work to regenerate places

We work on the resilience of supply chains, we work to regenerate places

How can we restore the beauty and resilience of the Aceh Tamiang landscape in Indonesia? Wherever you might stand in the supply chain... Be involved

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Solutions exist to produce food and other commodities while restoring soils and forests. This improves lives. This stores a lot of carbon. But we need the power of global supply chains to make it happen.

Together we drive the regeneration of our world through products, in landscapes.


Earthworm works for the resilience of product supply chains. They deliver billions of consumer goods.

They depend on millions of hectares of land and millions of people.


We define policies that say what you want for your products

We connect with your suppliers all the way to critical landscapes

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Earthworm works to regenerate the landscapes your products come from. There, forests and soils can be restored. People can thrive. Carbon can be stored.


We build relationships with local suppliers, NGOs, governments, and communities

We create social and environmental solutions for the land, with its people

Regenerating a landscape is about reviving its soil and forest. We work on practical solutions with the people on the land: farmers, local companies, workers, communities.

And we encourage satellite verification and monitoring by local people to sustain and replicate those solutions.

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In practice

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Working on supply chain resilience and on the regeneration of landscapes is a long-term endeavour.

Contact us if you want to join the Earthworm membership and lead the transformation that will regenerate your company and the world.

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