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Deadline: 25/09/2020

Earthworm Foundation is seeking a highly motivated professional Landscape Project Manager, based in the San Martín region, Peru, passionate about social and environmental justice, critical thinker, pragmatic, with excellent communication and persuasion skills and a passion for working with and for / farmers.

About Earthworm Foundation

Earthworm Foundation currently has presence in 19 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, India, and several locations within West Africa, Europe and the Americas. We employ more than 200 people worldwide and work with big and small companies, communities and producers of raw materials to create compelling cases of transformation. With an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, we work on the ground with people to create inspiring transformation stories. We focus on creating value, engage without judging and carry hope and a positive vision of the future.

In Peru, EF implements its sustainable and resilient landscapes project in the departments of Ucayali and San Martin, with the prospect of initiating actions in other regions.

The project seeks to promote sustainable and productive landscapes that host healthy and prosperous companies, communities and ecosystems, which serves as an inspiring model for other regions and stakeholders.

Our approach is based on working with leading actors to develop mechanisms to identify and protect key conservation areas while promoting sustainable production practices and improving livelihoods for communities and farmers living in the landscape.

Project components:

Successful companies in a sustainable landscape: Agroindustrial companies in the landscape implement policies of No Deforestation, No Peat, and No exploitation of people, maintain healthy and stable relationships with the communities impacted by their operations, becoming responsible suppliers of products.

Farmers and local communities with improved livelihoods: Farmers increase their income and their livelihoods through productive diversification and the application of good productive, environmental, economic and social management practices.

The Peruvian government implements policies of social and environmental responsibility, aligned with sustainable land use planning: The Peruvian government adopts policies of no deforestation and sustainable and concerted planning of land use following international standards and implements support programs for the implementation of the NDPE guidelines.

The forest and key conservation areas in the landscapes are protected, restored and managed properly: A participatory process of sustainable land use planning is implemented. An incentive system and a monitoring and governance system for forest conservation are implemented, ensuring that farmers' conservation agreements are fulfilled. Key conservation areas are restored. For the prioritization of areas to be conserved / restored, EF uses the approach of Areas of High Carbon Reserves – HCS1 and Areas of High Conservation Value – HCV2.

Sustainable landscapes inspire other “Landscape” projects in other regions: Lessons learned and project successes are shared and fed back by key stakeholders from other landscapes, inspiring replication of the landscape approach in other regions.

What Makes Us Unique

Beyond providing advice on policy set up based on our strong technical expertise, we see the world through interactions and relationships. Operating between two worlds (NGO-Companies/Buyer-Supplier), we encourage our partners to look inside, and are not only their environmental conscience. In addition to traceability and assessments, we create and innovate solutions to the challenges companies and communities face.

What We Offer

  • A unique work experience in a dynamic non-profit directly impacting the conservation of the environment and improvements in human rights and social equity through supply chains.
  • An organic environment with the chance to work in a multicultural team with passionate people.
  • The opportunity to lead complex projects, build customer relationships and develop new business, with exposure to different tasks.


Purpose of the position: Manage the projects with a landscape approach implemented by EF in Peru, promoting that their objectives and expected results are achieved.

The Landscapes Project Manager for Peru will be responsible for implementing the action strategy developed for the great landscape “Longitudinal corridor of the Peruvian jungle” and its related projects.

Project Management Responsibilities:

  • Lead the preparation of long and short-term plans for the landscapes project and its related projects;
  • Lead the implementation of the project monitoring system and the preparation of the respective reports;
  • Lead the management of relationships with companies, partner institutions, and funders, promoting new alliances that facilitate a greater impact of projects;
  • Promote and participate in the design of projects and search for additional funds;
  • Facilitate the transmission and exchange of work methods in the field between projects;
  • Manage the funds of the projects under their charge following the guidelines of EF and the funders;
  • Ensure alignment of the landscape-level strategy with EF's global and national strategy;
  • Manage the human resources of the landscape project and its related projects following the EF guidelines;
  • Lead an effective relationship with all the key actors in the landscape to ensure the overall results of the projects and other initiatives of the organization.

Technical responsibilities:

  • Lead the conduct of holistic diagnoses in the landscapes where the projects will be implemented. Based on the diagnoses, action strategies must be updated;
  • Promote the development and application of NDPE policies with the companies present in the intervention landscapes. The application of the policies must be of scope to the entire supply chain of the companies;
  • Promote the adoption of the HCR / HCV approach in the land use planning processes of the intervention landscapes;
  • Coordinate with the GIS / HCSA specialist the preparation of new HCR / HCV studies in the landscape;
  • Promote and monitor the signing of agreements and commitments by public and private actors for the application of land use plans and the conservation of HCR / HCV;
  • Manage the establishment of new alliances with key stakeholders to promote the application of NDPE policies and the use of the HCSA method as input for land use planning;
  • Design and promote the operation of a participatory system of governance for the planning processes of land use, its application, and monitoring;
  • Develop and implement strategies for the implementation of incentive mechanisms for the conservation of HCR / HCV areas in the selected landscapes;
  • Prepare and implement training and communication plans in alliance with other specialized institutions;
  • Share the lessons learned from the landscape projects in Peru with other EF teams, creating opportunities for exchange and professional growth;
  • Support in other functions designated by the Landscapes Coordinator and Head Andes;
  • Prepare quarterly reports on the progress of the project (s) in charge, and other reports required in their operation.

Requirements – Candidate Profile Minimum Qualifications

  • Graduate in Forest Sciences, Geography, Biology, Environmental Engineering, or related careers;
  • More than 5 years of work experience in international cooperation projects related to the management of forest resources, valuation of ecosystem services, land use planning, rural development, agricultural supply chains, or related topics;
  • Good understanding and high interest in issues of public-private alliances for the sustainable development of agri-food chains, environmental and social responsibility of the Peruvian Amazon;
  • Work experience in rural areas, with communities and small producers. Preferably with proven experience in social issues;
  • Excellent organizational skills and experience in human team management;
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal);
  • Strong analytical skills, including the ability to analyse systems and identify key problems and risks;
  • Proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite of applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), especially Excel;
  • Persuasive and consistent, flexible and empathetic character;
  • Legally authorized to work in Peru.


  • Master's degree in forest resource management, land management and planning, environmental management, conservation, rural development or related areas;
  • Knowledge and experience in Land Use Planning or another type of participatory planning process;
  • Knowledge in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing;
  • Knowledge of sustainability certification.

Language skills:

  • Fluency in Spanish (written and spoken);
  • Fluency in English (written and spoken).

Personal characteristics:

  • Passion for working on issues related to sustainability, resilience, human rights and supply chains;
  • Hands-on, practical, innovative;
  • Flexibility, takes initiative/proactive and positive attitude;
  • Ability to work within a multidisciplinary and multicultural team;
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and work autonomously;
  • Committed to Earthworm Foundation values:
    • Focus on action and on-the-ground results;
    • Entrepreneurial spirit;
    • Client-focused;
    • Open collaboration and communication;
    • Humble;
    • Respect for each other.

Working conditions / Physical effort:

  • Based in San Martín region, Peru.

Other information:

  • Open-ended contract;
  • Full-time position;
  • Peruvian citizenship/valid work authorization required.
  • For the development of his/her activities, he/she will coordinate permanently with the Peru Project Manager (based in Lima) and will be supervised by the Andes Landscape Coordinator. He/she will have the project field team under his/her supervision.

To apply

Interested candidates should send their CV and Cover Letter in English to by September 25th 2020, 5 PM.Please place your Last Name + Peru Landscape Project Manager on the subject of the email (Example: LOZANO - Landscape Project Manager).

The selected candidates will be contacted by telephone for an initial interview in Lima and/or via Skype. Only the selected candidates will be contacted.