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Rurality is creating resilience among oil palm farmers in Ghana’s Western Region.

Rurality is creating resilience among oil palm farmers in Ghana’s Western Region.

Rurality Project in south-west Ghana

Rurality is about creating resilience among oil palm farmers in Ghana’s Western Region.

Rurality is a vehicle for brands like Nestlé to support their suppliers to face the need for change at the farmer level. The Benso Oil Palm Plantation (BOPP) is supplied by estate plantation and independent farmers who work with Rurality to improve the efficiency of their oil palm farm, but also to diversify their activities and increase their self-sufficiency.

Key activities

Individual on-farm coaching

Field officers Charles and Grace aim to help farmers manage their plantations more efficiently. They go to each Rurality farmer’s plot to provide practical and technical training, such as fertilisation, weeding and pruning.

Connecting farmers

Three new farmers’ associations have come together since 2017 with the goal of strengthening farmer organisation, receiving access to training, providing collective transport, and creating better interaction with the mill.

Farm management and diversification activities

Rurality supports farmers to improve their knowledge in both the farming and financial realms. The team also encourages farmers to diversify their incomes by supporting new, income-generating activities through simple business plan trainings.


144 farmers engaged today
402 hectares mapped
694 individual on-farm coaching visits

Collaborating members

Members make far-reaching commitments to respect people and nature in their supply chains. They work with us on an ongoing journey of improvement and innovation.

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