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Collaborating with farmers, NGOs and business to find a solution to human-elephant conflict.

Collaborating with farmers, NGOs and business to find a solution to human-elephant conflict.

Rurality project in Sabah Malaysia

Nestlé is engaged in Rurality’s journey to see changes in its palm oil supply chain.

The first Rurality project in Malaysia started in June 2015 with farmers that provide Fresh Fruit Bunches to the IJM Plantations Berhad’s mill which is called Desa Talisai.

The mill is located in Sabah and is involved in Nestlé’s supply chain. Rurality’s project aims to find a long-term solution to human-elephant conflict in the area and support farmers to develop their resilience to better their productivity and livelihoods.

Key activities

Income diversification

Rurality is identifying potential income diversification opportunities with support from stakeholders to foster connection to the market.

Group and individual training

Rurality connects and empowers farmers through trainings, workshops and field visits to improve productivity by applying best management practice.

Connectivity between farmers and stakeholders

Rurality forms informal groups to help farmers connect within each other and to create a dynamic relationship with external stakeholders for information sharing and better decision making.

Human-elephant conflict management

Trainings have been conducted with local farmers on how to manage human-elephant conflict and an independent HEC Core Monitoring Group has been formed consisting of community members. Elephant relocation has also taken place for the safety of farmers and the animal. Rurality continues to collaborate with project partners to find a long-term solution to the issue.


64 farmers engaged in transformation activities.
334 hectare total surface mapped during RDD.
1,018 tons of Fresh Fruit Bunches delivered by Rurality farmers in 2017.

Collaborating members

Members make far-reaching commitments to respect people and nature in their supply chains. They work with us on an ongoing journey of improvement and innovation.

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