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Investigation report for Okomu Oil Palm Company
Investigation report for Okomu Oil Palm Company
News Jun 28, 2024

Investigation report for Okomu Oil Palm Company

We continue to support our Member, Socfin, in their commitment to sustainable and responsible management. As part of this effort, we have conducted a field investigation to address environmental and social grievances against Okomu Oil Palm Company in Nigeria, in which Socfin owns a majority stake.


We invite you to read the report of this field investigation. The document includes our findings, progress assessments, and recommendations for future improvements.

Download the Okomu Investigation Report


Our investigations are part of a broader initiative that includes multiple phases:

  • Phase 1 (March to June 2023): Focused on Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) in Liberia and SOCAPALM Dibombari in Cameroon.
  • Phase 2 (Starting August 2023): Expanded to include SAFACAM and SOCAPALM (Edéa, Mbongo & Mbambou) in Cameroon, Liberian Agricultural Company (LAC), SAC in Sierra Leone, OKOMU in Nigeria, and Socfin-KCD and Coviphama in Cambodia.

The field investigations for phase 2 are now complete, and many of the reports have been published. We are finalising the reports for the investigations done in LAC, SOCAPALM (Edéa, Mbongo & Mbambou) in Cameroon, and Socfin-KCD and Coviphama in Cambodia and aim to publish them over the summer. Once the reports are published, Socfin will publish action plans for each site investigated. This approach aligns with our joint commitment to transparency and continuous improvement.

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