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La Fabril

Member since February 2017


La Fabril, is part of a privately-owned conglomerate with activities in the manufacturing of oils, oil products and personal care products. It also produces supplies for bread-making, baking, cookie-making, ice cream and toppings, chocolate substitutes, and oils for fried foods, canned goods, and paints. The company also produces bio-fuels.

One of the biggest palm oil producer and manufacturer players in Ecuador, La Fabril is an integrated company owner of Energy & Palma S.A. (which owns plantations and one palm oil mill) and Rio Manso S.A. (a company of six mills supplied by more than 2,000 independent farmers).


La Fabril is known as the company of the ideas and as such are always interested in innovation. It is no different when it comes to sustainability, the company vision is that producing in a responsible and sustainable way is the only way. Our work together moves La Fabril closer to that vision by improving production and procurement processes and making a positive impact in the Ecuadorian palm oil supply chain.

Key Stats

Key Milestones

Mar 2018

Publication of policy

Aug 2018

Started ART through first engagement with independent mills in its supply chain

Sep 2018

Dashboard designed to communicate milestones, progress and traceability report

Sep 2018

1. Reviewed its grievance mechanism for further implementation

Our Work

During first year of membership La Fabril and Earthworm Foundation worked intensively on Values and Transparency by developing La Fabril’s sourcing policy, and publishing a dashboard on which La Fabril can share with external stakeholders the steps it is taking to implement that policy. We are now ready to step further into the next step of the journey, Transformation, specifically through implementing an ART program at one of La Fabril’s own refineries. This means that La Fabril will be engaging with 3rd party mills in its supply chain to evaluate their sourcing practices, and to provide training and workshops to support their improvement. We are hoping to customise ART with La Fabril in a way that we also use Earthworm Foundation’s Tools for Transformation (T4T) as part of it. Additionally, given the importance of smallholders to La Fabril’s supply, there is a strong commitment to work on smallholder resiliency through Rurality.

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