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Alongside Cargill and Nestlé, Rurality is supporting palm oil smallholders in Biopalma's supply chain in the Northeast region of Pará.

Alongside Cargill and Nestlé, Rurality is supporting palm oil smallholders in Biopalma's supply chain in the Northeast region of Pará.

Rurality project in Northeast Pará

Key activities

Interviewing farmers

Rurality has interviewed farmers in Biopalma’s supply chain to understand their situation, farming systems, management practices and the social and environmental changes they face to identify opportunities for transformation.

Mapping plantations
Rurality is using GPS data to map out all smallholders’ plantations in Biopalma’s supply chain to help plan and develop better logistics routes for their Fresh Fruit Bunches and other products.

Market analysis
Rurality is conducting a market analysis to identify livelihoods for farmers. Local and regional markets, as well as government agencies, were visited to identify potential opportunities. Fruit, black pepper and manioc flour have so far been identified as key products cultivated by palm oil farmers.

Stakeholder engagement
Rurality has identified and engaged with stakeholders who will play an important role in the transformation process. Stakeholders engaged so far include black pepper traders and exporters, local and state government bodies, private companies, NGOs, rural unions and the Rural Technical Agency.

Development of an action plan
Alongside key stakeholders, Rurality developed an action plan for assisting smallholders in Northeast Pará. This includes action to be taken to improve yields, alternative livelihoods and connections with other stakeholders.


73 farmers interviewed
675 plantations targeted for mapping
16 local and regional stakeholders engaged so far

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9 Jul 2019

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