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Louis Dreyfus Company

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Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) is a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods, leveraging its global reach and extensive assets network to deliver its products safely, responsibly and reliably around the world. Founded in 1851, LDC is now present in six regions, where it operates 10 different business platforms, including oilseeds, grains, freight, global markets, coffee, cotton, sugar, rice, dairy and juice.


In line with their Palm Sustainability Policy, Earthworm Foundation and LDC’s current work plan is organised into four work streams that build on each other to support policy implementation. These include traceability, supplier policy implementation, grievance and risk assessment, and supplier engagement.

Statistik Penting

100% of Indonesia refineries traceable to mill as of 2018
89% of Singapore commercial operations traceable to mills as of 2018
93% of total palm oil volumes traceable to mill as of 2018

Pencapaian Penting

Feb 2020

During the first half of 2018, LDC traced 93% of palm oil volumes flowing from mills to its Indonesian refineries and commercial operations in Singapore, up from 81% in FY 2015, 88% in FY 2016, and 92% in FY 2017.

Jan 2020

In October 2018, 35 mills attended a workshop on LDC’s Palm Sustainability Policy and Earthworm’s Tools for Transformation (T4T) system.

Jul 2019

Earthworm Foundation facilitated the roll-out of T4T’s self-assessment questionnaire to all LDC suppliers in Balikpapan and Lampung, Indonesia

Nov 2018

LDC continues to actively socialise the LDC Palm Sustainability Policy to all key suppliers, both for LDC Indonesia refineries and LDC Singapore commercial operations. The aim is to further discuss the policy and review opportunities for collaboration, in order to address any gaps and improve supply chain sustainability continuously.

Pekerjaan Kami

To understand supplier practices with regard to its Palm Sustainability Policy, LDC is using Earthworm Foundation’s Tools for Transformation (T4T) system to pioneer a self-assessment process for all its refinery suppliers in Indonesia. Data collected from self-assessment questionnaires will be used to inform supplier engagement and transformation initiatives. Additionally, LDC and Earthworm continue to trace the flow of palm oil to the mill level bi-annually for LDC’s Indonesian refineries and LDC Singapore commercial operations, and monitor grievances raised by NGOs and other stakeholders.

Berita & Cerita

21 Feb 2020

LDC and Earthworm train suppliers on peat management and fire prevention

1 Nov 2019
23 Okt 2018

Towards Collaboration and Transparency